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Audits and Record Keeping - Professional Engineers


  1. Licensees will be subject to a random audit of continuing professional competency courses. If you are audited, you will be required to submit proof of the hours claimed as more fully described in Section .09 of the regulations.
  2. Carryforward Credits were reported during your previous renewal. Only report continuing education credits earned since your last renewal. DO NOT include carryforward credits.
  3. In the event you’re selected for an audit and have used carryforward credits to meet the renewal requirements. You must submit proof of the continuing education credits reported in your previous renewal application.
  4. Submit completion certificates ONLY. Additional documents will be requested if needed.
  5. To ensure that no documents are missed or overlooked. Submit audit documents in one pdf file (no zip files). Documents will be returned if not submitted correctly.

Record Keeping

NCEES Offers FREE CPC tracking to enable you with a standardized system for organizing your training. Use of this system is not mandatory, but will make the auditing process more efficient through the use of standardized CPC transmittal.

Learn more about NCEES’s free CPC tracking.