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Join Us For Our 2024 Maryland Engineering Conference
Date: Thursday, October 17, 2024
Location: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
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Who Is The Maryland Society of Professional Engineers?

We are dedicated to the promotion and protection of the professional engineer as a social and economic influence vital to the health, safety and welfare of the community. 

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MDSPE membership is an investment in your career and yourself. As a member, you have the opportunity to advocate for the profession, access continuing educational resources, strengthen your professional development, and connect with other professional engineers.

Membership gives engineers the tools and services they need to be better informed and better connected within their professional community. Questions regarding membership can be directed at

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Networking Events

Connect with other engineering professionals! We host a range of events throughout the year including networking events, project tours and educational sessions. We also annually host our signature events – the Engineers Reception & Awards Night and the Maryland Engineering Conference.

Continuing Education

We host our annual conference, The Maryland Engineering Conference where you can earn 8 PDH credits. As an NSPE member, you have access to 15 free courses. Have a topic you’d like to present? Contact us about participating as a speaker in continuing education programs.

Government Affairs

MDSPE is actively monitoring proposed legislation at the state and local levels for potential impacts to the engineering profession and professional engineering licensing. We also consider issues brought to our attention by the membership, and where appropriate, draft legislation and attempt to shepherd it through the legislative process.

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The Latest News

We send out quarterly newsletters and timely legislative alerts. Have something to share? Email us about writing for our e-newsletter article.

Volunteer Opportunities

MDSPE offers diverse volunteer opportunities to contribute to Maryland’s engineering community. , or join an MDSPE committee. You can also support young math talents in Maryland by volunteering for the state MATHCOUNTS program. Additionally, consider serving on an MDSPE committee to actively engage in shaping the organization’s initiatives and impact.

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Part Of A National Society

In addition to being part of our state society, your membership connects you with the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) whose mission is to foster licensed professional engineers in service to society.

Membership Types

Engineering Student Member

  • Student membership in MDSPE is open to any full-time student in an undergraduate or graduate ABET-accredited engineering program or an engineering or pre-engineering program that has an articulated or transfer agreement with ABET or an accredited program (or International equivalent).

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  • Recent graduate members are non-licensed engineers who are EITs, ETs, or engineering school grads.
  • 20% of full dues the year they graduate
  • 40% of full dues year two after graduation
  • 60% of full dues year three after graduation
  • 80% of full dues year four after graduation
  • 100% of dues year five after graduation

Current Engineer Member

  • I am a licensed professional member of MDSPE and I want to renew my membership for the year.

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  • I was previously a member of MDSPE, NSPE and/or another state society of NSPE and wish to rejoin. I meet the qualifications of membership as outlined under the Engineer Member above. I understand I must pay membership dues in order for my membership to be reinstated.

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You qualify for a free membership if you are a student enrolled full-time in an ABET-accredited engineering program; a student enrolled in an engineering or pre-engineering program that has a transfer agreement with one or more ABET accredited engineering programs; or, a student enrolled full-time in a graduate-level engineering program.

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You Have Questions? NSPE Has The Answers.

Yes. The Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee agreement between Owner and Engineer for Professional Services (EJCDC E-500) defines “record drawings” as the “Drawings depicting the completed project, prepared by Engineer as an additional service and based solely on Contractor’s record copy of all drawings, specifications, addenda, change orders, work change directives, field orders, and written interpretations and clarifications, as delivered to Engineer and annotated by Contractor to show changes made during construction.
In most states, the answer is no. A recent case in Ohio, Trucco Construction Co. Inc v. Fremont (2013 WL 494353, Ohio App. 6th Dist, Feb 8, 2013), is instructive. In that case, when an engineering firm was retained to perform services on a construction project and was sued by the general contractor, a trial court held and an appellate court agreed that the engineer was not an employee of the city for purposes of the statute providing immunity from tort liability to the city and its employees. According to the court, the sovereign immunity statute did not extend to independent contractors such as the engineering firm. Similar results have been reached in North Carolina and Kentucky.
It may not be typical but it is not unusual. When confronted with a request for absolute compliance, engineers should communicate their concerns about the wording. Use of the word “all” expands legal and professional obligations and may leave engineers vulnerable to claims of negligence. As we all know, there are thousands of laws, regulations, codes, and standards that relate to the engineering design and construction process. All are subject to change and many are open to interpretation, but not all apply to a given project.
Yes. Under the Montana Code (Mont. Code Ann. Section 35-4-404), an individual who renders professional services as an employee of a professional corporation, including a professional limited liability company, is liable for any negligent or wrongful act or omission in which he personally participates to the same extent as if he had rendered such services as a sole practitioner. However, an employee of a professional corporation is not liable for the conduct of other employees unless he is at fault in appointing, supervising, or cooperating with them.
According to Arizona State Board of Technical Registration, if an engineering document is revised by the originating licensee after the sealed document is signed and dated, that licensee may either a) add language indicating the date, nature, and scope of the revisions, or b) reseal, re-sign, and redate with the current date. However, it is not acceptable to alter the original date accompanying the seal. When multiple sheets in a set of professional documents are individually sealed, only those revised sheets need to be resealed and signed. The cover sheet for the set does not need to be resealed unless the cover sheet has been revised.
Yes. As an example, the Wyoming Professional Engineering Law defines “gross negligence” as “a substantial or habitual deviation in professional practice from the standard of professional care exercised by members of the registrant’s profession, or a substantial or habitual deviation from any technical standards issued by a nationally and/or state-recognized professional organization made up of members of the registrant’s profession, or a substantial or habitual deviation from requirements contained in state laws, board regulations, local ordinances, or regulations related to the registrant’s professional practice.
According to the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board, individual sole proprietorships that bear the full name of the owner who is a licensed professional are not required to register as an entity with the board. However, sole proprietorships that do not bear the full name of the owner who is a licensed professional must be licensed with the board as an engineering firm. If the owner operates his business through an entity (e.g., corporation, limited liability company, partnership), then it is not a sole proprietorship and must be licensed by the board as any other firm.