Webinar Presentation Summaries

Frederick Douglass Tunnel - A New Era of Passenger Rail in America

Luigi Rosa, PE, PMP, CCM | AVP, Frederick Douglass Tunnel Program | Amtrak

Our first presentation will be delivered by Luigi Rosa, Assistant Vice President for the Frederick Douglass Tunnel Program at Amtrak. With over $6 billion invested in this critical infrastructure project, Luigi spearheads Amtrak’s endeavor to bring its ambitious plan into reality. His presentation will provide key insights into the challenges and opportunities that Amtrak faces in constructing this vital asset. The project aims to modernize 10 miles of the Northeast Corridor within the Baltimore area, and play a pivotal role in the transformation of American passenger rail for the 21st century.

Operation Readiness for Rail

Andrew Mitchem | Associate Vice President | Network Rail Consulting

The transition from project delivery to a live running operation is fraught with complexity. In today’s world of integrated railroad systems the needs of the ‘operator’ need to be considered far earlier in a project timeline. Understanding the needs and requirements to successfully deliver day 1 operations requires a deep involvement within the project throughout its lifecycle.

This Presentation will discuss why operators should be engaged in a construction program as early as possible and will draw on the lessons learned from other railroad tunnelling projects from a perspective of Network Rail UK, such as Crossrail and Thameslink. The common theme being how a new railroad is integrated into an existing railroad networks. The focus on operational readiness will provide the audience with a number of key takeaways that should be developed as part of any construction program requirements package.